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Catechetical Series on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
- and the Contrast with the New Mass
by John Vennari, Editor of Catholic Family News

A series of homeschool classes, designed for high school and adults, on the doctrine and devotion of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

These homeschool classes, like our Aquinas Alive course, are an easy-listening series of talks on the rich Catholic teaching on the Mass. The class are serious, but also at times light-hearted and entertaining, and chock full of true Catholic teaching, and with the proper emphasis on the element of sacrifice, exemplified in the Old Testament, and fulfilled by Christ in the New.- click here

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Newly released lectures
On the Function of Government (contra Socialism); the late Father Somerville on the Mass; spotlighting the error of Situation Ethics; on "The Apocalypse is not a Protestant Book", more...

AUDIO CDs - 50% sale
New titles and old favorites

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Speakers include: Father Gregory Hesse; Michael Davies; Father Stephen Somerville; Randy Engel; John Vennari, more...
more than 35 of our most popular titles - New titles and old favorites
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Four of Our Most Popular Sets from the Past Year
Each one of these sets builds you up in your understanding and devotion to our Holy Catholic Faith, and helps you defend yourself and your loved ones against increasing attacks on Catholicism

• Purchase any one of these sets and receive free Audio CD: “Enemy of God and Man: Situation Ethics
and its Resurgence in the Church” (see description below)*
• Purchase any two or more sets and receive a second “surprise” CD.

Unique Series on Our Lady • Easy Listening intro to Philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas • Easy Listening intro to Aquinas-based teaching on Natural Law • Outstanding 2015 Catholic Identity Conference CDs -
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If someone asked you “what is natural law?” would you know how to respond?

An Introduction to Natural Law
More “Aquinas Alive” – a simple, easy-listening introduction to Thomistic Philosophy

by John Vennari
Use for your high school students, or listen yourself!
Thirteen classes on 8 audio CDs.
Plus free bonus disk: "Natural Law and the Marriage Synods" - 9 disks in all
(in attractive vinyl case). - only $34.95

“This is a course I gave at home to my own high-school age youngsters as an uncomplicated introduction to Thomistic philosophy. It is meant to be an ‘easy listening’ intro that is not demanding; simply an introduction to the concepts, the structure, the principles of Thomistic philosophy.
And it is fun, as are all ventures of great truth. Originally designed for home-school high-schoolers, it soon became enthusiastically sought by adults. Aquinas Alive is now one of the most popular CD sets I’ve released.” – John Vennari - click here for details - order information

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Two of our most Popular CD sets:
Limited time only - sale extended to July 30

1) Father Hesse Blockbuster series on Vatican II (6 CDs)
2) Aquinas Alive: Simple, easy-listening Introduction to Thomistic Philosophy

- - From J Vennari: "Aquinas Alive" is a simple home-school course I gave to my daughter her junior year. I released it to help homeschoolers, but suddenly numerous adults began buying the set. The course has received much encouragement and is one of the most popular sets we offer.

(sets can be purchased separately as well)

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If a Protestant or non-believer asked you,
“Why do you Catholics pray to Mary?”
could you answer?

PLUS: Order "More Glorious" set now and get FREE CD: "Fatima Ignored and the Approach to Midnight"
- on the destructive force of atheism in government and public policy; as well as answers to atheism.

More Glorious Than the Seraphim
The Catholic Doctrine and Devotion on Our Blessed Mother
by John Vennari
Editor, Catholic Family News

A 12-lecture series available on Audio CD -
click here

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Father Hesse
Exposes Vatican II

A Pitiless and Precise Critique of the Council
as you’ve never heard it before.

Blockbuster Six CD set

The late Father Gregory Hesse obtained his doctorates in Theology and Philosophy at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome (the Angelicum). He was
one of the last truly Roman theologians, completely uninfected by the Modernist new theology, and he exposes the destructive nature of the Council documents themselves. - Great price!
-- click here for details --

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More "Aquinas Alive" Classes now available
I am happy to announce we completed the Introduction to the Philosophy of Human Nature at the end of June. Now available on 9 Audio CDs
Thank you your interest and enthusiasm. This has been one of the most popular sets we've ever produced. - jv

Here are some encouraging comments on our Aquinas Alive series:

• "Listening to Aquinas Alive supplied a crucial missing piece to my Catholic formation. Thank you."

• "I listened to the 'Common Good' class twice in a row! Really helpful material."

• "These courses are absolutely the best – outstanding.  I have not been helped so directly by anything in YEARS. They are not only invaluable for the spiritual life but for my work in business – the Principle of Subsidiary is worth the entire package!!!"

• "Just got the CDs yesterday and am really enjoying the relaxed style of John Vennari with his daughter. Philosophy is fun! The truth does set you free!

Aquinas Alive
a simple intro to Thomistic Philosophy by John Vennari
Easy Listening Course - for High School and adults
go to:

See Brief Note from John Vennari about Aquinas Alive series:

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