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July 24, 2014: update

More "Aquinas Alive" Classes now available

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Thank you your interest and enthusiasm. This has been one of the most
popular sets we've ever produced. - jv

"These courses are absolutely the best – outstanding.  I have not been helped so directly by anything in YEARS. They are not only invaluable for the spiritual life but for my work in business – the Principle of Subsidiary is worth the entire package!!!" - M.T.
  • Aquinas Alive – next 9 disks
    Aquinas Alive – next 9 disks

    These are the next 9 disks of Aquinas Alive course (10 classes). This is the package primarily for those who already purchased the first three disks (but anyone can purchase them). These next five disks are the immediate continuation of the first three. Covers a multitude of topics in a fun, easy-to-understand manner: Act & Potency, Hylomorphism, The Four Causes, Essence & Existence, the Transcendentals, the Principle of Double Effect, and a unique, detailed discussion of the 42 “Principles of Reason” on which Scholastic Philosophy is based. We also now cover a the development of Greek philosophy from Thales onward, "Sophism" both Ancient and Modern (using words for manipulation and power rather than vehicles of Truth); the though of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. and finally, the a quick introduction to St. Thomas Aquinas Five Ways to Prove the Existing of God. As with the first three disks, these are at a simple high-school level, an introduction to the topics. It is meant to familialrize the average listener with the language and the structure of Thomistic philosophy.

  • Aquinas Alive - Disks 1 through 12 - COMPLETE INTRO TO METAPHYSICS
    Aquinas Alive - Disks 1 through 12 - COMPLETE INTRO TO METAPHYSICS

    This is all the "Aquinas Alive" from the beginning to date: 20 classes on 12 disks. For description see the above write-ups about the first three disks, and the next 9 disks. A helpful introduction to Thomistic Philosophy, the system of philosophy most in line with REALITY, and recommended by the Popes throughout the centuries. This course puts you in touch with a vital compoenent of your Catholic heritage, very much neglected in our time. Learn why the eminent Father Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange said that the current maladies in the Church have been "not a crisis of faith, but of the very great malady of the intellect, which conducts itself on the tracks of liberal Protestantism and through relativism to absolute skepticism."