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Brand New! - The Components of Liberal Catholicism,
the True "Spirit of Vatican II"

Crash Course on “The Components of Liberal Catholicism” and Their Consequences
With Special Focus on Obama’s “Contraception Mandate”

By John Vennari

Delivered to Catholic High School Boys (Juniors/Seniors) on February 29, 2012.


Two Audio CDs – only $9.95 per set.

Learn why Blessed Pope Pius IX warned prophetically that the principles of liberal Catholicism would "destroy us", would "lead to the ruin of religion", and would "prevent us from meriting the blessings of God."

These two presentations were designed to introduce the vital topic: “The Components of Liberal Catholicism”. The eminent American theologian, Msgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton, enumerated these six components in a landmark 1958 article on the subject.

Four years before the opening of Vatican II, Fenton exposed the principles of Liberal Catholicism that would come to be the letter and spirit of Vatican II. The Council, and its tragic aftermath, is incomprehensible without knowledge of the Components of Liberal Catholicism.

The second lecture brings you right up to date on a crisis now unfolding with Barack Obama’s attack on the Catholic Church via the so-called “Contraception Mandate”.

You will learn in detail how Catholic Churchmen’s acceptance of the Components of Liberal Catholicism resulted in the Church herself being persecuted by the godless Obama Administration. Sad but true, the bishops brought this crisis upon themselves, starting with their failure to affirm the Papal Encyclical
Humane Vitae, which re-stated the Church’s condemnation of birth control.

You will also learn the details, the machinations, and sad to say, the underhanded tactics of liberal Catholic theologians in their attempt in the 1960s to make a change in the Church’s teaching against contraception "inevitable". They failed, but the vast damage they did worldwide is with us to this hour!

Yet it is not too late. The lecture contains a defense of Catholic teaching against contraception, and demonstrates in an easy-to-understand manner that contraception stands condemned by natural law, by Sacred Scripture and by Sacred Tradition (includes quotes from the Saints and Doctors of the Church throughout the centuries).

The two-CD set, in attractive vinyl case, is available for the special price of $9.95. That’s less that $5.00 per CD...

  • Crash Course on the Components of Liberal Catholicism
    Crash Course on the Components of Liberal Catholicism