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A brief note from John Vennari:
Aquinas Alive Philosophy of Human Nature now complete

Dear Catholic Friend,
            As there has been much interest in the “Aquinas Alive” Metaphysics CDs, I wanted to let you know the promised Aquinas Alive “Philosophy of Human Nature” semester is now available (9 CDs).
            You will recall: this was a series of homeschool classes given to my own high-school daughter, an uncomplicated introduction to Thomistic philosophy. It is meant to be an ‘easy listening’ intro that is not demanding; simply an introduction to the concepts, the structure, the principles of Thomistic philosophy.
            And it is fun. The Aquinas Alive series soon became popular with adults as well.
My junior high-school daughter said the satisfying thing about Thomistic philosophy is that it tallies so well with common sense.

            Thomistic philosophy is more needed now than ever, especially since it has become scandalously “out of fashion” in modern Catholic circles. Yet Thomistic scholasticism contains THE answers to the crucial issues of the day.
Here are some Crucial Questions Answered
by the Thomistic Philosophy of Human Nature:
            • What are the four characteristic of a living thing?
            • What is the Order of Creation according to Aquinas?
            • What does it mean to say that in a living thing, all parts act for the good of the whole?
            • What are the three prominent views of human nature, and which of the three is the correct one?
            • What do we have in common with the plant world?
            • What do we have in common with the animal world?
            • What is the crucial distinction between animals and man (contra evolutionists) and how can we know it?
            • What are the life and death consequences of the Thomistic principle: “Your powers are not synonymous with your nature”?
            • What are the new false theories that allegedly justify abortion and euthanasia? How do they spring from a false understand of human nature?
            • What is the crucial distinction between the “image” and the “concept”?
            • How can the immateriality and immortality of the human soul be proven (from reason) without mentioning one word from Sacred Scripture?
            • What is the Common Good? And specifically, how are Obama’s policies contrary and destructive to the Common Good?
            • What is the different between “Common Good” and “Public Goods”?
            • Do animals have intelligence?
            • What is the common mistake made by modern animal researchers?
            • How to we properly understand “appetites”?
            • How do we properly understand “emotions”?
            • How do we properly understand “passion”?
            • What is a “habit” and why are “habits” important?
            • Why can we not have a true understanding of Ethics if we do not have a true understanding of human nature?
            • Why can we not have a true understanding of natural law if we do not have a true understanding of human nature?
            These questions, and many more, are answered in the latest Aquinas Alive CDs, The Introduction to the Philosophy of Human Nature.

             When our modern Churchmen threw out scholasticism in the wake of Vatican II, in the name of the Modernist “new theology”, they threw out the comprehensive system approved by the Church as the superior, irreplaceable system of truth and reality. They discarded the precision of terminology and established categories (praised and employed by Popes and holy Doctors) that have guided the Chruch for centuries, only to replace it with a pseudo-lyrical prose, ambiguous and tedious, supposedly more acceptable to modern man.
            They also abandoned the systematic presentation of philosophical and theological sciences.
            Unspeakable chaos was the result, and this chaos continues. Tragically, this chaos was predicated by Thomists of the 1940s and 50s when they warned against abandoning Thomistic scholasticism for the sake of the modernist “new Theology”. The warnings from these wise Thomists went unheeded.
            The “Aquinas Alive” series is meant to introduce today’s Catholics to the fundamental structure, terms of Thomistic philosophy, the system of reality that is the indispensable foundation for rebuilding the Church and civilization.
            The CD listing is posted at:
            One listener already said, "This course is terrific. I listened to the 'Common Good' lecture twice in a row!"

           Thank you for your encouragement for these classes,

            John Vennari

The complete year of Aquinas Alive is available: both the series on Metaphysics and Philosophy of Human Nature.
Go to listing at:

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