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Audio CD Lectures by John Vennari
(Editor of Catholic Family News)
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  • Fatima and the New World Order
    Fatima and the New World Order

    This lecture got "lost in the shuffle" when setting up the new webpage, and is now available again at a 50% discount. Quotes powerful insiders who admit openly their plan for a New World Order, such as Carroll Quigley and David Rockefeller. Also quotes former Communist Bella Dodd, who learned from experience that the Communist Party was actually answering to powerful men who were "above" the Communist Party. Details the agenda and policies of leftist Barack Obama, and quotes Henry Kissinger who said in January 2009 that he hoped Obama would usher in a "New World Order".

  • Our Lady's Remedy to Universal Apostasy
    Our Lady's Remedy to Universal Apostasy

    This is a kind of "Part II" to "Fatima and the New World Order" above. Pope St. Pius X warned against the growing apostasy of modern times. The Church Fathers teach that a mark of Antichrist (or of a pre-curser of Antichrist) is the prohibition of Christian teaching. Documents legislation and provisions being enacted that could be used to outlaw certain aspects of the Gospel; and documents how the Anti-Defamation League is one of the main promoters of these new laws that break down Christian civilization. Explains that obedience to Our Lady of Fatima is the only complete remedy to this "Universal Apostasy

  • The Third Secret, Diabolic Disorientation and National Disintigration
    The Third Secret, Diabolic Disorientation and National Disintigration

    This talk jam-packed. Mr. Vennari covers a brief history of the Third Secret of Fatima and the controversy surrounding it. In relation to the Secret’s prediction of “dangers to the Faith”, the all also covers the new orientation from Vatican II that ushered in the “Cult of Man”, which played into the hands of Communism and Freemasonry that had a deliberate plan to “secularize” religion and religious people. Answers questions such as: why did so many Catholics embrace left-wing politics after the Council and to this day? Why did so many "Catholics" vote for Obama? What was the Masonic document that said, “Let us popularize vice amongst the multitude?” Who are rising as great persecutors of Christians as well as the foremost corrupters of our children? Can the nation survive if it continues on the present path? All of this and much more is covered in this comprehensive presentation.

  • It is the Mass and the Faith that Matter
    It is the Mass and the Faith that Matter

    The baptized Catholic has the right to the true Faith and to the True Mass, without any conditions attached to them. The bulk of this presentation centers on the fact that the liturgical reforms of Vatican II were never intended to be a true representation of the Catholic theology of the Mass as codified by Session XXII of the Council of Trent, but to take a new direction. Quotes at length a Protestant clergyman who in 1963 was overjoyed with Vatican II’s Schema on the Liturgy, as the proposals of the Schema on the Liturgy “were in fact points which we [Protestants] ourselves accepted four hundred years ago.” Discusses the modernist liturgical movement prior to Vatican II; the underhanded way in which the liturgical Consilium maneuvered itself during and after the Council; and the components of liberal Catholicism intrinsic to Vatican II’s documents that continues to wreak great havoc on souls and on the Church worldwide.

  • Stalking the Land: The Ascendancy of Masonic Thought in Church and State
    Stalking the Land: The Ascendancy of Masonic Thought in Church and State

    Masonic thinking permeates the very air we breathe. How do we recognize it? How does Masonic thought permeate modern social institutions and even our post-Vatican II churchmen. Can the Social Kingship of Christ ever become “outdated”? And if not, why not? What are the disastrous consequences of Masonic thought that affect our day-to-day living? How much are we ourselves imbued with it? All of this is answered in this clear, informative and easy-to-understand presentation.

  • Blessed Abbot Marmion: Master of the Spiritual Life
    Blessed Abbot Marmion: Master of the Spiritual Life

    A rich and beautiful talk on the magnificent doctrine of Blessed Abbot Columba Marmion, probably the greatest master of the spiritual life in the 20th Century. Abbot Marmion, who was not only a spiritual master but also a Thomistic scholar, centers the soul on the person of Christ, explaining how He is our all; our Example; our Savior; our Source of Grace for all our actions here and now, and throughout our life. Marmion’s doctrine is both simple and sublime, and will deepen your understand of Our Lord and His Holy Church better than almost anything available. As Pope Benedict XV said of Abbot Marmion’s work: “Read it! It is the pure doctrine of the Church”.

  • Fatima and the Great Chastisement
    Fatima and the Great Chastisement

    In the famous 1957 interview with Father Fuentes, Sister Lucy said that God was about to punish the world and that the chastisement was "imminent". Does this mean only the material chastisements of the "annihilation of nations" or does it mean more? Mr. Vennari provies evidence that the chastisement spoken of is far more extensive than the annihilation of nations, and explains what he believes to be the primary punishment of which this chastisement consists. Learn how modernism and the "new religion" of Vatican II appear to fulfill this prophecy. "This lecture is jam-packed" said one gentleman who heard it live.

  • A Clear View of the Kingship of Christ: The Six Points of Father Denis Fahey
    A Clear View of the Kingship of Christ: The Six Points of Father Denis Fahey

    What constitutes a Catholic nation? The simple, profound Six Points by Father Denis Fahey outlines it for us. This lecture, in about 45 minutes, gives the listener a compressive Catholic world view solidly based on traditional Papal Teaching. This not only helps us to understand the present crisis of Faith, but also offers a tried and true Catholic solution. A veritable crash course in the Social Kingship of Christ. Also, contrasts the Six Points with a recent pan-religious "spirit of Assisi" event.

  • Modernism Repacked: The 'New Theology' of Vatican II
    Modernism Repacked: The 'New Theology' of Vatican II

    This is an updated version of this talk given on Feb. 9, 2011 at St. Mary's Academy It has been described as one of the most important John Vennari ever delivered. It is impossible to understand what has happened to the Church at Vatican II, and up to the present, without understanding the modernist “New Theology,” a movement bubbling up in the Church in the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s, and condemned by Pope Pius XII.
    The “New Theology” is truly Modernism “repackaged,” as it supports the false notion that religion must change with the times, is anti-Thomistic, and blurs the distinction between nature and supernature, which opens the door for a kind of universal salvation. This new teaching triumphed at Vatican II, and is embodied in allegedly “conservative” writers such as Fathers Henri de Lubac and Hans Urs von Balthasar. Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Ratzinger, now Benedict XVI, are products of the New Theology, and pledge first allegiance to this new system, rather than to the traditional anti-Modernism of Pope Saint Pius X.

  • The Malice of Revolutionary Men
    The Malice of Revolutionary Men

    Some revolutions are violent and bloody, others are crafty and subtle. Most of us have been victims of the quiet, subtle revolution in thinking and morals over the past 50 years that has completely transformed our nation and our world, and many of us did not even know our minds have been “worked on” by revolutionary men. Vennari quotes a former KGB agent who explained in 1984 that in the United States, the process of intellectual subversion at that point was complete. In 1984 the former Soviet agent said, “In America, you are stuck,” and went on to explain how these people with “demoralized minds” can no longer assess true information, “even if you show them that black is black and white is white”.
    Vennari also documents the subversive elements that are central points in the modern education system, and how this deliberate dumbing -down and political-correctness in education has produced a generation of “Obama Zombies”. He closes with a call to study and adhere to the principles of Divine Law and natural law, which are much truer and deeper than the shallow solutions of “liberty” and “freedom” bandied about by too many so-called conservatives.

  • A Key to Pope Benedict XVI: The Oath Against Modernism vs. the
    A Key to Pope Benedict XVI: The Oath Against Modernism vs. the "Hermeneutic of Continuity"

    "Hermeneutic" simply means "interpretation"; and Pope Benedict attempts to rescue the Council by claiming that Vatican II does not constitute a rupture with the past, but must be understood in the light of a "hermeneutic (interpretation) of continuity" with the past. The purpose of this phrase is not really to save Tradition, but to save Vatican II! The lecture demonstrates that despite whatever good intentions may be at work in employing this phrase, the concept falls short of what is commanded in the Oath Against Modernism to hold to the truths of the Catholic Faith "in the same meaning and in the same explanation" as the Church always taught. In the process of discussing what true continuity consists of, we are introduced to one of the most outstanding (and unknown) thinkers of the pre-Vatican II period, whose astounding prophetic insights nailed the errors of the new spirit wrought by Vatican II - and these warnings were sounded even before Vatican II opened its doors. It is a vindication of the Traditionalist position showing clearly that today's "hermeneutic of continuity", no matter how well-intentioned it may be, is simply another form of Modernism under conservative veneer.