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  • Modernism, the Synods and the New Evangelization
    Modernism, the Synods and the New Evangelization

    What is the “New Evangelization”? What is the point of the Synod introduced by Vatican II? How does it square with the deadly Modernism now rampant in our Holy Church? The recent g Synod on the Family], has at root this same New Evangelization, the Council’s “Collegiality,” and the error that truth can change over time. Vennari points to the danger of of the “new language” being proposed, the dreadful consequences and the fact that Pope Francis – a man thoroughly of Vatican II – appears to be on the wrong side in this controversy.

  • How I Returned to Tradition
    How I Returned to Tradition

    by John Vennari
    Mr. Vennari tells his story of how he returned to Tradition. Oddly enough, the clinching indication that the Church was in unpredicted crisis was not the issue of the Mass (though this was certainly an issue) but of what he experienced in the early-mid 70s in Catholic High School. A very good primer for those wish to understand the present crisis of Faith, and also good for sharing with 'Novus Ordo' Catholics to introduce them to the Traditonalist position in an informative and entertaining way. Countless traditional Catholics deeply identify with this presentation.

  • Our Lady: Mediatrix of all Grace
    Our Lady: Mediatrix of all Grace

    By John Vennari - Could you explain and defend Our Lady's exhaulted title of "Mediatrix of all Grace"? After this lecture, you'll be able to. Based on the work of a superb pre-Vatican II theologian named Armand Robichaud, the doctrine is expounded by means of 1) The Ecclesiastical Magisterium, 2) the Sacred Liturgy reflecting the mind of the magisterium, 3) Sacred Scripture, 4) Tradition, and 5) Theological Reasoning. Learn why the great Popes such as Leo XIII referred to Our Lady as 'the guardian of our peace and the dispenser of all Heavenly graces." A highly organized a fascinating presentation.

  • Why the Mass Exodus to Protestantism?
    Why the Mass Exodus to Protestantism?

    John Vennari - This was a lecture given to priests and bishops in Brazil during the reign of Benedict XVI; and is just as relevant as ever. It notes that both the World Council of Churches and David Rockefeller were instrumental in targeting Catholic South America for Protestant proselytism in the 1950s. The main downfall, however, was due to the new ecumenism initiated by Vatican II that caused the collapse of Catholic apologetics that proves the Catholic Church as the one true Church of Christ. The lecture demonstrates, using Scripture, Tradition and Reason, that the Protestant “Bible Alone” system is a false theory. It also tells the true stories of two Protestant Ministers who converted to the Catholic Faith due to an intense study of Sacred Scripture. After the talk, the priests in the audience flocked the speaker asking for copies of the speech. These dear priests had been ‘trained’ after the Council, and had never before heard these basic arguments. Clear, counter-Reformation apologetics is needed now more than ever.

  • Theresa Neumann: Mystic and Stigmatist
    Theresa Neumann: Mystic and Stigmatist

    by John Vennari • Teresa Neumann (1898-1962) is, along with Padre Pio, the most remarkable mystic of the 20th Century. She enjoyed the support of eminent Churchmen such as Archbishop Josef Teodorowicz, Cardinal Faulhaber of Germany; Bishop Rudolph Graber of Regensberg, and both Pope Pius XI and Pius XII who sent each sent her a blessing unsolicited. Mr. Vennari presented her life, describing her as one who accepted the most severe suffering with heroic resignation. Her mystical gifts are truly overwhelming: living for decades on nothing but the Blessed Sacrament; the bloody suffering of the Passion; her visions of the Passion and other episodes from the Gospel; her clairvoyance; her ability to distinguish a consecrated host from an unconsecrated host; her ability to discern the presence of a priest; and whether the priest is a good priest or a fallen one. The list of her mystical gifts goes on and on.The lecture also answers the claim of those who accuse her of fraud. Vennari notes she submitted to a full examination from the Church, of which the local bishop was fully satisfied, and those accusations against her stem from either ignorance or malice. Most important, Mr. Vennari explains that by these miraculous signs Our Lord gives to the Church, there is no excuse for unbelief. In the words of Archbishop Teodorowicz, through prodigies such as Teresa Neumann, “unbelief has been conquered.”

  • From Sillon to the One World Church
    From Sillon to the One World Church

    by John Vennari - Discusses the late 19th/early 20th Century French Sillon (pronounced "see-yohn") This movement, which sought to synchronize the Church with the modern world, was condemned by Pope St. Pius X, who called its errors the product of "dark workshops" of secret societies such as Freemasonry, and the ideas of the French Revolution. The Sillon movement was imbued with the errors of romanticism, liberal Catholicism and religious indifferentism. Though Pope St. Pius X condemned this movement, its ideas nevertheless continued to influence churchmen, particularly in the seminaries, and it resurfaced at the Second Vatican Council. The post-Conciliar Church is imbued with the errors of the Sillon. Mr. Vennari discusses examples of this truth, which include the prayer meeting at Assisi, recent Hindu sacrilege at Fatima and the spirit of World Youth Day. Though this lecture was given during the reign of Pope John Paul II, the ideas of the Sillon still dominate  the Vatican orientation and approach of today .

  • The Catholic Teaching on the Coming of Antichrist
    The Catholic Teaching on the Coming of Antichrist

    by John Vennari - In a period of reckless speculation on the "end times", this presentation gives solid Catholic principles based on Scripture, the Fathers and Church teaching. Helps to form sound judgments on this important topic. Learn what is certain, what is probable and what is indefinite regarding the man of sin. Gives you a clear guide on how to judge prophecy, and also points to a Council that declared the Catholic excommunicated if he claims to predict the date of the coming of Antichrsit or the Second Coming of Christ. Explains some basic points that are largely unknown, of which Catholics should be aware.

  • Blessed Abbot Marmion: Master of the Spiritual Life
    Blessed Abbot Marmion: Master of the Spiritual Life

    A rich and beautiful talk on the magnificent doctrine of Blessed Abbot Columba Marmion, probably the greatest master of the spiritual life in the 20th Century. Abbot Marmion, who was not only a spiritual master but also a Thomistic scholar, centers the soul on the person of Christ, explaining how He is our all; our Example; our Savior; our Source of Grace for all our actions here and now, and throughout our life. Marmion’s doctrine is both simple and sublime, and will deepen your understand of Our Lord and His Holy Church better than almost anything available. As Pope Benedict XV said of Abbot Marmion’s work: “Read it! It is the pure doctrine of the Church”.

  • The Soundtrack of Time
    The Soundtrack of Time

    Dr. Andrew Childs - An entertaining and informative lecture demonstrating that each age has its "soundtrack" – its music – that reflect the thought and ideas prevelent in the period. Providing actual music soundtracks, Dr. Childs, Professor of Music, helps us to hear the Catholic civilization of the Middle Ages; the rise of humanism through the Renaissance and Enlightenment wherein harmony and emotion begin to overtake melody; the Revolutionary period of 1789 and its subsequent Romanticism; and the modernist period wherein music becomes discordant, heartless and passion driven. Dr. Childs closes by offering strategies for the restoration of Catholic culture. One of the ways is to learn the great composers of the past whose work speaks to us here and now. "Make friends with them," says Dr. Childs, in order to develop an appreciation of the good, the true and the beautiful.

  • Our Lady, Conqueror of All Heresies: The Consecration of Portugal
    Our Lady, Conqueror of All Heresies: The Consecration of Portugal

    John Vennari - The first part of this talk treats of one of the most glorious of all Our Lady’s titles, Our Lady Conqueror of all Heresies, especially based on the writings of the eminent theologian, Msgr. Joseph Cllifford Fenton. For example, explains the reason why Saturdays are devoted to Our Lady, and how this corresponds to Mary's ancient title of "Conqueror of All Heresies". The second part of the talk is the fascinating, true story of how Portugal was saved from the horrors of the Spanish Civil War and World War II. It was because the Portuguese Bishops, in 1931, consecrated Portugal to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Portugal has been called the “Showcase of Our Lady”, since she gave us a glimpse of what she will do for the whole world when the Pope finally and properly consecrates Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

  • The New Paganism and the War Against Life
    The New Paganism and the War Against Life

    John Vennari - Starts with Hillaire Belloc’s masterful warning against the New Paganism that was to come, and shows this new paganism at work against human life. Also details tactics used by pro-abortion forces as early as 1970 that sought to make abortion acceptable by “separating the notion of abortion from the notion of killing”. He amplifies that this same tactic is now used by advocates of euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide. He examines a horrifying little book written in Germany, 1920, co-authored by a legal scholar and physician, that advocates euthanasia and “Death with Dignity” and outlines the booklet’s plan. It starts with a call for the social acceptance of suicide; to euthanasia with patient consent; to euthanasia without patient consent; to mercy-killing of severely retarded, terminally ill, incurable patients and severely deformed, no matter what the age of the victim. This was part of a rabid euthanasia movement in the 1920s that Adolph Hitler did not invent, but whose principles Hitler picked up and utilized. These same principles are now at work in the rampant euthanasia and “doctor-assisted suicide” movements that are explained in considerable detail in this lecture.

  • The Sacred Heart and the French Revolution
    The Sacred Heart and the French Revolution

    By John Vennari - The Sacred Heart is the Divine Force that could have prevented the French Revolution. Our Lord asked for the Consecration of France to the Sacred Heart promising that if this is done, the Catholic King would be protected from Christ’s enemies. It was not done, and the anti-God French Revolution ensued, the disastrous effects of which are with us to this hour. Treats of the history of the devotion, Blessed Abbot Marmion’s magnificent spiritual treatment of what is Devotion to the Sacred Heart, its connection to the French Revolution and its obvious connection to the Message of Fatima. Our Lord warned Sister Lucia that if the bishops delay in executing Our Lady’s request for the Consecration of Russia, and if they delay as did the King of France, then they will follow him into misfortune. This lecture was lost of a number of years recently found and now re-released.

  • Vatican II and Christ the King
    Vatican II and Christ the King

    Michael Davies - A classic presentation by the late Michael Davies demonstrating the problems with Vatican II's "Declaration on Religious Liberty"; how it gives every appearance of running contrary to the traditional doctrine of the Catholic Church regarding Church/State Relations; how it runs contrary to the perennial Catholic teaching on the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ; and the devastating effects ofVatican II's new teaching. A lecture from the mid 1990s that has lost none of its relevance or urgency.

  • Don’t Give Your Heart Away: the Facts about Vital Organ Transplantation
    Don’t Give Your Heart Away: the Facts about Vital Organ Transplantation

    Randy Engel - Long time pro-life journalist. “Like the abortion industry”, she noted, the nexus of the organ donor industry is “cold hard cash”. It is very much a pro-life issue, as the organ donor industry contributes to the further devaluing and degradation of human life. Mrs. Engel explained that for vital organ transplants, it is necessary to kill the donor. “A heart taken from a donor already dead cannot be used. This gruesome practice is now a multi-billion dollar industry. “A healthy beating heart or other vital organs brings in $24,000 and the body of a ‘brain dead’ donor, an average of $70,000.”Mrs. Engel closed urging her listeners to not sign organ donation cards, and to opt out of organ donation programs. There is the real danger that if you would become comatose, and you have an organ donation card, you may quickly be declared brain dead while still alive, and your organs harvested to feed the profits of the multi-billion dollar organ transplant industry.

  • The Bilderbergers and the Revolt Against Divine Providence
    The Bilderbergers and the Revolt Against Divine Providence

    by John Vennari - What is the Bilderberg Group? It is a gathering of about 120-130 powerful men from the worlds of politics, finance, banking, and media that get together for top-secret meetings once a year. Bilderberg membership crosses over to other globalist groups such as the Council of Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission – a central figure of these three groups being David Rockefeller.    The Bilderbergers goal is to form a New World Order run by a godless Globalist Elite. The London Times in 1977 described the Bilderberg Group as “…a clique of the richest, economically and politically most powerful and influential men in the Eastern world, who meet secretly to plan events that later appear just to happen.” Mr. Vennari quotes journalists who have done painstaking research on the Bilderberg Group, and also quotes United States politicians who warn of the One-World aims of this powerful organization. He ends on a note of serenity and hope, with a consideration of Divine Providence

  • Archbishop Lefebvre and Vatican II
    Archbishop Lefebvre and Vatican II

    by John Vennari - Lecture given at the 40th Anniversary SSPX conference held in Syracuse, NY. Mr. Vennari’s lecture spotlights the major interventions of Archbishop Lefebvre at Vatican II that concern the abandonment of scholastic language; ecumenism; religious liberty; the ‘new approach’ to marriage; collegialisty; the Council's refusal to condemn Communism; and more. It is a crash course -- an easy-to-understand education -- on the problems of the Council, delivered within the drama of the fight waged by Archbishop Lefebvre and the International Group of Fathers against the modernist tsunami that swept the Council, and that leaves a continuing trail of devastation to this day. Learn of the theologian who prior to Vatican II said it would be “impossible” for the Council to adopt the plan of the progressivists, yet the “impossible” progressivist orientation is now the policy of today’s Vatican. One listener said, "I wish I could give the talk out to everyone I know!"

  • Heaven Calls for Reparation and Warns of Chastisement
    Heaven Calls for Reparation and Warns of Chastisement

    by John Vennari
    A fascinating ‘highway drive’ through the revelations of Heaven to mankind; Sacred Hart, La Salette, Marie de Sainte Pierre (Devotion to the Holy Face), Sister Martha Mary Chambon (devotion to the Holy Wounds), Sister Elena Aelio and of course Fatima. All of these approved message call for the same thing: reparation for sin to avoid Divine Chastisement. Each one builds on top of the other to form one message. Helps you to better understand all of these Heavenly warnings within the context of each other. Also covers also basic Catholic points much forgotten today about the need to be part of Christ’s one true religions for salvation, and gives example of riotous ecumenical events that are, in the objective order, sins against the First Commandment.

  • The Synod, Diabolic Disorientation and Sins Against Truth
    The Synod, Diabolic Disorientation and Sins Against Truth

    Mr Vennari examines not only the Synod, but the modernist principle at work in the Synod - a principle openly admitted by those involved with the event. This lecture gets to the root of the so-called "Inductive" method that turns Catholicism on its head, and guarantees grave disorientation in the future. Learn also the answers to these false methods. This lecture received considerable acclaim as an explanation that breaks through the myriad of details surrounding the Synod and probes the root principles on which the progressives operate - so much so that once you know the principles, you can pretty much predict what will happen next.