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  • Recapture the Flag: Dedication and Battle Joy
    Recapture the Flag: Dedication and Battle Joy

    by John Vennari
    A popular talk that incorporates the teaching of former Communist Douglas Hyde (pictured on left), who converted to Catholicism. Based on Hyde’s fascinating work
    Dedication and Leadership, a book recommended by a number of traditional Catholic priests. Hyde explains that the number one point that attracted people to Communism was not necessarily Communist doctrine, but the dedication of the Communists themselves; and the fact that Communists aggressively trains their members for leadership. Catholics, he says, must nuture this type of dedication. Hyde details tactics used by Communists – tactics that are not Communist, but common sense tactics that can be used legitimately in any organization, to be more effective in the fight. Upbeat, refreshing and full of good ideas. Probably unlike anything you've heard before. This is a positive and entertaining presentation with points on how to be more effective in Catholic Action.

  • Fatima: The Facts
    Fatima: The Facts

    Are you looking for a simple summary of the Fatima story that covers all the major points in about 50 minutes? Then this is the talk for you. Mr. Vennari designed “Fatima: The Facts” as an concise, overall introduction to Fatima; everything from the first apparition of the Angel, the entire events of 1917, and going into the requests for the Consecration of Russia and the Five First Saturdays. Also explains that Fatima is more than a mere “private revelation,” and other important facts regarding the Fatima Message. Gives you the entire account in a simple organized story-telling manner.

  • The Rise of Antichrists
    The Rise of Antichrists

    by John Vennari
    Just as Our Lord had prophets, types and prefigures throughout the Old Testament that gave us an indication of what to expect the Messiah to be. Likewise, as Catholic scholars have taught, the Antichrist has his types and prefigures that help us to know what the “final” Antichrist will be. Discusses not only those men in history that were prefigures of Antichrist (Julian the Apostate, Mohammed, Martin Luther, etc.), but also points to modern prefigures of Antichrist. Following the line of Father Vincent Miceli, we treat the new, modernist post-Conciliar orientation as kind of ‘catalyst’ to Antichrist. Contains much fascinating information, including how to spot the modernist tactics of today’s ecumenists (laid out by a brilliant theologian in 1962), as well as the Masonic roots of today’s ecumenism. Deals with Antichrist himself as well!

  • Fatima and the Great Chastisement
    Fatima and the Great Chastisement

    In the famous 1957 interview with Father Fuentes, Sister Lucy said that God was about to punish the world and that the chastisement was "imminent". Does this mean only the material chastisements of the "annihilation of nations" or does it mean more? Mr. Vennari provies evidence that the chastisement spoken of is far more extensive than the annihilation of nations, and explains what he believes to be the primary punishment of which this chastisement consists. Learn how modernism and the "new religion" of Vatican II appear to fulfill this prophecy. "This lecture is jam-packed" said one gentleman who heard it live.

  • The Alta Vendita: Freemasonry and the Spirit of Vatican II
    The Alta Vendita: Freemasonry and the Spirit of Vatican II

    Examines the Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita the once secret papers of the secret societies that outline a blueprint for the subversion of the Catholic Church by infecting its leaders with liberal ideas. Popes Pius IX and Leo XIII asked that these documents be published. Quotes the revolutionary Canon Roca who predicted the subversion of the Church brought about by a Council. Quotes Freemasons who claim that thanks to Vatican II, masonic ideas have "spread magnificently over the dome of Saint Peters."

  • The Truth About Communion in the Hand
    The Truth About Communion in the Hand

    John Vennari - This lecture has caused many people to cease the practice of Communion in the Hand and has caused a number of "Eucharistic Ministers" to resign. Contains the story on Communion in the Hand and how it was foisted upon the Catholic world in the name of a false ecumenism. It is a practice “fostered in disobedience, perpetuated by deceit.”

  • Saint Francis of Assisi: The Man vs. the Myth (with a Special Mention of Pope Francis)
    Saint Francis of Assisi: The Man vs. the Myth (with a Special Mention of Pope Francis)

    by John Vennari • Saint Francis of Assisi is one of the most misrepresented saints of our time. He is portrayed as a champion of ecumenism and interreligious dialogue; a proto-environmentalist; a kind of hippie peace-nik pushover. None of these portrayals are accurate. In an organized and entertaining manner, Mr. Vennari presents the fascinating true story of Saint Francis, the contemporary forces that shaped who he was, and how he was a great enemy of heresy in religion and slackness in religious life. Saint Francis and his Order represented the “Knighthood of the Cross,” with all the chivalry, adventure and heroic strength that goes the valiant Knight in service to his King. Newly-elected Pope Francis was also discussed at the end of this presentation and the question is posed: Is Pope Francis more in line with the true Saint Francis, or with the false, modern ecumenical Francis who never existed? Mr. Vennari also gave vital helpful key principles on how to accurately consider modern Popes: we must look at each one with our intellect (who he actually is) rather than with our will (who we would want him to be).

  • The Malice of Revolutionary Men
    The Malice of Revolutionary Men

    By John Vennari - Some revolutions are violent and bloody, others are crafty and subtle. Most of us have been victims of the quiet, subtle revolution in thinking and morals over the past 50 years that has completely transformed our nation and our world, and many of us did not even know our minds have been “worked on” by revolutionary men. Vennari quotes a former KGB agent who explained in 1984 that in the United States, the process of intellectual subversion at that point was complete. In 1984 the former Soviet agent said, “In America, you are stuck,” and went on to explain how these people with “demoralized minds” can no longer assess true information, “even if you show them that black is black and white is white”.
    Vennari also documents the subversive elements that are central points in the modern education system, and how this deliberate dumbing -down and political-correctness in education has produced a generation of “Obama Zombies”. He closes with a call to study and adhere to the principles of Divine Law and natural law, which are much truer and deeper than the shallow solutions of “liberty” and “freedom” bandied about by too many so-called conservatives.

  • The Novus Ordo is the Preparation for a One World Church as Foretold by St. Pius X
    The Novus Ordo is the Preparation for a One World Church as Foretold by St. Pius X

    Father Paul Kramer, B.Ph., S.T.B., M. Div., S.T.L. (Cand.).  - Father Kramer notes that in 1983, a priest friend with whom he had been the seminary, showed him a copy of the journal, Chiesa Viva published by Father Luigi Villa in Italy.  Don Villa had published Masonic documents going back to 1920s. Father Kramer says these Masonic documents "outlined exactly what changes they [Freemasons] wanted to have made in then liturgy — how they wanted the Mass to be reformed. This was the first time I really began to understand just how wrong were the reforms in the liturgy that took place after the Second Vatican Council. Because every single thing that was outlined in that document — what kind of changes the brethren of the Lodge wanted to have made in the Mass — these were precisely the changes that were introduced in the Novus Ordo Missae. ... The liturgical reform point-by-point carried out exactly the liturgical reformed outlined by Freemasonry.”   Father Kramer spoke of the “gravity of the danger and the madness of having replaced the received and approved rites that had been customarily used in the solemn administration of the sacraments and the Holy Mass for so many centuriese, with a concocted liturgy made precisely according to the specifications set forth by Freemasonry.

  • Heaven's Request for Reparation to the Holy Face of Jesus
    Heaven's Request for Reparation to the Holy Face of Jesus

    by John Vennari - Mr. Vennari relates the fascinating story of the Carmelite Sister Marie Saint Pierre (1816-1848) who lived at Tours, France, and to whom Our Lord Jesus Christ communicated His desire for reparation. "The earth is covered with crimes" said Our Lord, especially by violations of the First, Second and Third Commandments. These revelations are approved by the Catholic Church. Hear:• The Divine origin of the Golden Arrow prayer in reparation for blasphemy,• How the revelations to Sister Marie Saint-Pierre were reinforced by Our Lady's message of LaSalette, and were a precursor to Our Lady's visitations at Fatima, • The Nine Promises given by Our Lord to those who practice this devotion, • What is the special form of Divine chastisement with which Our Lord will now scourge mankind,• How the revelations of Our Lord concerning His Holy Face seem to be a veiled prophecy of the present-day crisis of Faith.

  • The Ecumenical Church of the Third Millennium
    The Ecumenical Church of the Third Millennium

    by John Vennari - This lecture demonstrates that we are now only in the early stages of the post-Vatican II revolution. There are more radical, ecumenical changes to come that Catholics must be made aware of – including the “permission” for a single Church to be owned and used by Catholics and non-Catholics. Discusses a Vatican's Ecumenical Directory which promotes further the radical ecumenical agenda. Answers many of the false tenets of ecumenism. Defends the defined doctrine “outside the Church there is no salvation”. Shows that ecumenism has been a colossal failure. This important lecture will prepare you for what very well may be in store for the future.

  • It is the Mass and the Faith that Matter
    It is the Mass and the Faith that Matter

    John Vennari - The baptized Catholic has the right to the true Faith and to the True Mass, without any conditions attached to them. The bulk of this presentation centers on the fact that the liturgical reforms of Vatican II were never intended to be a true representation of the Catholic theology of the Mass as codified by Session XXII of the Council of Trent, but to take a new direction. Quotes at length a Protestant clergyman who in 1963 was overjoyed with Vatican II’s Schema on the Liturgy, as the proposals of the Schema on the Liturgy “were in fact points which we [Protestants] ourselves accepted four hundred years ago.” Discusses the modernist liturgical movement prior to Vatican II; the underhanded way in which the liturgical Consilium maneuvered itself during and after the Council; and the components of liberal Catholicism intrinsic to Vatican II’s documents that continues to wreak great havoc on souls and on the Church worldwide.

  • The True Notion of Sacred Tradition: Dei Filius or Dei Verbum?
    The True Notion of Sacred Tradition: Dei Filius or Dei Verbum?

    Father Gregory Hesse, S.T.D., J.C.D. - Cuts through the ambiguous and vague nature of the Vatican II documents to lay bare the Modernist notion of Tradition propounded by the Council, most especially by the Council Document Dei Verbum. Father Hesse than contrasts it with the true notion of Sacred Tradition defined infallibly by Vatican I. The lecture further demonstrates the Modernist concept of tradition put forward in the 1988 Motu Proprio Ecclesia Dei, a document supposedly for Traditional Catholics. Many related points are thoroughly discussed.

  • Saint Pius X and Modernism
    Saint Pius X and Modernism

    Father Hesse - A point-by-point easy-to-understand explanation of Pope Saint Pius X's magnificent encyclical against Modernism, Pascendi. Explains how the principles of Modernism are the central elements working within Vatican II and the post-Conciliar Church. A crucial lecture to help the Catholic understand the true nature of the Vatican II reforms.

  • The True Notion of the Hierarchy of Truths
    The True Notion of the Hierarchy of Truths

    Father Hesse - An electrifying talk that points out the false definition of "hierarchy of truths" used in today's practice of ecumenism. It explains the falsehood of the conciliar statement, "Many elements of sanctification of Church is found outside the visible confines of the Catholic Church," and the poinsoness effects of this wrong-headed teaching. Learn crucial Catholic doctrines that have been obscured for the past 40 years since the Council.

  • Papal Infallibility, Facts vs. Falsehoods
    Papal Infallibility, Facts vs. Falsehoods

    Father Hesse - Basing his lecture on Vatican I, Father Hesse clearly explains the duties of the Pope, and what is the true nature and limits of Papal Infallibility. Cites St. Thomas Aquinas, Pope Innocent III and Blessed Pope Pius IX who teach the necessity of resisting even a Pope who deviates from Church doctrine. Even if you think you know this subject, Father Hesse will show you that there are still many important and profitable points to learn. A clear, solid, much-needed lecture.

  • The Alinsky-Obama Connection
    The Alinsky-Obama Connection