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The Results of the 2015 Synod guarantees more modernist mischief in the future: a call for "new" language, "new" pastoral approach, more "change," further dismantling of our Holy Catholic Faith worldwide – confusion will only increase!

Arm yourselves with the tools of the Faith;
grow in the knowledge of the Truth.
Four popular sets:

1) Father Hesse's blockbuster series on Vatican II -
gets to the roots of the Council's Modernist orientation (now more full bloom due to the 2015 Synod)
2) Aquinas Alive: an Easy-Listening introduction to Thomistic philosophy - Metaphysics and Philosophy of Human Nature
3) Introduction to Natural Law - An crucial sequel to the above Aquinas Alive set
- From J Vennari: "Aquinas Alive" is a simple home-school course I gave to my daughter her junior and senior year. I released it to help homeschoolers, but suddenly numerous adults began buying the set. The courses have received much encouragement are are some of the most most popular sets we offer.
4) More Glorious than the Seraphim - on the Doctrine and Devotion of Our Lady
- Knowledge and devotion to Our Lady is one great saving graces of our confused age.


All four sets in attractive vinyl albums

  • Blockbuster 6-CD Set: Father Hesse Exposes Vatican II
    Blockbuster 6-CD Set: Father Hesse Exposes Vatican II

    Father Hesse Exposes Vatican II • A Pitiless and Precise Critique of the Council • as you’ve never heard it before.• Blockbuster Six CD set
    His talks are:
    • A
    ruthless, scholastic, objective appraisal of Vatican II as you’ve never heard it before;
    • An
    exposition not only of the ambiguities and double-speak of Vatican II, but also of the subtle structures contained in the documents that leads to implementation of modernism and revolution throughout the Church worldwide;
    Brash and forthright regarding the nature of Vatican II and the subsequent post-Conciliar orientation;
    The necessary distinction between formal heresy and material heresy;
    Packed with traditional scholastic theology;
    • A
    powerful learning experience;
    More needed now than ever.

    CD titles (sold as a set only for one low price):
    1) The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy; 2) The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, Part II; 3) The Dogmatic Constitution on the Church; 4) The Decree on Ecumenism & The document On Divine Revelation; 5) The Decree on Religious Liberty & The Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World, and more!; 6) Selected Questions and Answers

  • AQUINAS ALIVE - COMPLETE FIRST YEAR - Metaphysics and Philosophy of Human Nature - 21 disks
    AQUINAS ALIVE - COMPLETE FIRST YEAR - Metaphysics and Philosophy of Human Nature - 21 disks

    This was a series of homeschool classes given to my own high-school daughter, an uncomplicated introduction to Thomistic philosophy. It is meant to be an ‘easy listening’ intro that is not demanding; simply an introduction to the concepts, the structure, the principles of Thomistic philosophy, and it is fun! Includes Introduction to Thomism and Metaphysics and Philosophy of Human nature - Complete first year: Includes: Metaphysics: Basic Introduction to Philosophy • The Tools for Correct Thinking • What is true Education? • Act & Potency • Hylomorphism • The Four Causes • Essence & Existence • the Transcendentals • the Principle of Double Effect • a unique discussion of the 42 “Principles of Reason” on which Scholastic Philosophy is based. • Greek philosophy from Thales onward • “Sophism” both Ancient and Modern (using words for manipulation and power rather than vehicles of Truth) • Socrates, Plato and Aristotle • introduction to Aquinas’ Five Ways to Prove the Existing of God. Philosophy of Human Nature: Covers topics such as: What is the Philosophy of Human Nature? •, From Rock to God: Order of Being • Man is an Operational Whole • The Mode of Operation of a Living Being (What is “Life”?) • Intellect and Will • Finality and Powers • Life of Death: True Ethics vs. “New” Ethics • The Powers of the Soul • Powers and Formal Objects • Distinction between the Image and the Concept • Three Views of Human Nature • The Immorality of the Soul • The Common Good (in contrast to Obama policies) • Are Animals Intelligent? • The Five External Sense and Four Internal Senses • Emotions, Appetites & Habits, more!. This popular series is meant to familiarize the average listener with the language and the structure of Thomistic philosophy.

  • Simple Introduction to Natural Law - Aquinas Alive
    Simple Introduction to Natural Law - Aquinas Alive

    Simple Introduction to Natural Law
    More “Aquinas Alive” – an easy-listening introduction to Thomistic Ethics

    by John Vennari
    "I'm a life-long Catholic. I was stunned at how much I did not know, and how important is this material. Thank you!" - DT, Philadelphia PA
    Use for your high school students, or listen yourself!Thirteen classes on 8 audio CDs.
    Plus free bonus disk: "Natural Law and the Marriage Synods" - 9 disks in all• What is Natural Law?
    Thirteen Classes on 8 Audio CDs
    1) Natural Law Predates Christianity; 2) Witnesses to Natural Law; 3) Three Principal Inclinations; 4) Inclinations, Pleasure, Happiness; ; 5) Why Law?; 6) Nature Exacts Revenge; 7) Duties and Responsibilities; 8) Euthanasia: The Enemy Knows; 9) 1920s” The Right to Die becomes the Duty to Die; 10) The Plague of Involuntary Euthanasia; 11) Divorce Contra Natural Law; 12) Birth Control, Abortion, Racism; 13) Eternal Law, Natural Law, Human Law, Church Law
    - plus extra free CD lecture: "Natural Law and the Marriage Synod

  • More Glorious Than the Seraphim
    More Glorious Than the Seraphim

    More Glorious Than the Seraphim
    The Catholic Doctrine and Devotion on Our Blessed Mother

    12 Audio CDs in Attractive Vinyl case - On Sale - Less that $3.00 per CD
    “Excellent!!!!!” - R.M, Bethseda, MD
    “I listen to these wonderful lectures over and over again! ” - H.S., Toronto
    “These lectures have made me appreciate Our Lady’s glories and prerogatives like never before.” - M.B., Cuba, NY
    This unique, inspiring and informative series includes:
    Blessed Abbot Marmion on Our Lady; The History of the Doctrine of the Immaculate Conception; Her Fullness of Grace; Our Lady Prefigured in the Old Testament; Accounts of Miraculous Conversions; Mary, Conqueror of All Heresies; Our Lady of Revelation; The Miracles at Lourdes; How The Glories of Mary Came to be Written; Her Title of Co-Redemptrix; Mediatrix of All Grace; The Twenty Mysteries of the Rosary: A Break with Tradition; Answering Protestant Objections to Marian Doctrine and Devotion; The Story of Guadalupe; Our Lady of Fatima; The Immaculate Heart.

  • ALL FOUR SETS - Hesse- Aqinas Alive I - Natural Law - More Glorious
    ALL FOUR SETS - Hesse- Aqinas Alive I - Natural Law - More Glorious

    ALL FOUR SETS - Hesse- Aquinas Alive I - Natural Law - More Glorious than the Seraphim
    Reg. $166.80 - sale: $150.00