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Do Parents Know What Really Goes on at World Youth Day?

Reading about it is one thing, SEEING IT is quite another!

World Youth Day:
Catholicism or Corruption?

A DVD Release by John Vennari

Catholic Family News Editor John Vennari attended the 2002 World Youth Day and reports what he saw. In this unique two-DVD set, Mr. Vennari says regarding his trip to WYD, “I looked for something, anything, that Popes Pius IX, Leo XIII, St. Pius X, Benedict XV, Pius XI and XII would recognize as Catholic. I saw nothing they would approve and plenty they would condemn.” Contains shocking never-before-released footage of World Youth Day, which demonstrates the event to be pervaded not by Catholicism, but by the rock’n’roll, pep-rally pop culture.
What you see will alarm and anger you. But Mr. Vennari does more than shock his audience, he explains the true Catholic teaching and practice that World Youth Day defies. As such, this lecture has been hailed as outstanding Catholic catechetical instruction. Covers topics such as:
•True Catholic Reverence vs. World Youth Day Practice
• The Problem with Rock’n’Roll Music, particularly at Catholic Functions
• What Would Blessed Jacinta of Fatima Think of World Youth Day?
• Lessons to be Learned from Fatima and Lourdes
• Riotous Charismatic Sessions
• Much more....
Over and over you will say to yourself as you watch Mr. Vennari’s outrageous footage: “Is this supposed to be Catholic? How could self-respecting Catholic parents send their sons and daughters to anything so scandalous?"

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  • DVD: World Youth Day: Catholicism or Corruption
    DVD: World Youth Day: Catholicism or Corruption