About Oltyn

about oltyn

Oltyn Library Services was founded by John Vennari. He used it to sell audio recordings of his talks, classes, as well as to circulate important news. After John passed away in 2017, the website and store was disabled but It has now been brought back and updated.

Why no more CD’s: Many people requested that Johns talks be made available as downloads opposed to CD’s and due to technological changes in society, it would not be fruitful to try and produce both.  Many of the talks are now available for purchase in an audio file format, and more will be added over time. 

 Please note: Only the audio downloads are available, no CD’s are being sold

If a particular talk you are looking for is not yet listed, please let us know through the form below

Any questions or comments are also welcome

Our prior mailing address is no longer in service, please send any concerns to oltyn@oltyn.org