Vatican II and the Components of Liberal Catholicism

A lecture series from John Vennari
16 Half hour classes, spaced over eight total tracks, all jam packed with information crucial to our time!

Based on the work of the eminent theologian, Msgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton

About the series “Vatican II and the Components of Liberal Catholicism”:

In the late 1950s, Msgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton warned against the emergence of liberal Catholicism. Included in this warning was his enumeration of the six components of liberal Catholicism.
As Mr. Vennari explains, a knowledge of these six components, and an understanding of how they are playing themselves out in the Church since Vatican II is crucial in order not to be deceived by the present diabolic disorientation.

Contents of the 8 tracks

Track 1
• Msrg. Fenton: Modern Prophet
• The Emergence of Liberal Catholicism

Track 2
• Supernaturalism vs. Naturalism
• “I Have a Dream”: Lamannais to John XXIIII

Track 3
• A “Wicked Opinion” from the “Deceits of Evil Men”
• The Lethal System of Religious Indifferentism

Track 4
• The Six Components of Liberal Catholicism: A Two-State Operation
• Liberal Catholicism in Action

Track 5
• Apologies and Ambiguities
• Father Greenstock’s Prophetic Warning

Track 6
• Convergence Replaces Conversion
• “I Say it is Lawful to Resist Him”

Track 7
• The Oath Against Modernism Betrayed

Track 8
• Father Denis Fahey and the Components of Liberal Catholicism

The Catholic’s understanding of the present crisis of Faith will be severely deficient without a firm understanding of the six components of liberal Catholicism. Order now!

– “These lectures should be spread far and wide as soon as possible.” – C.K., Idaho
– “The series on the components of Liberal Catholicism is most informative and a much needed course. I have learned very much from listening to it. You clarify important points very well and the historical aspects are very well presented.” – M.P., California

Answers questions such as:
• Can Liberal Catholicism be defined and identified? (the answer is yes. Learn how!)
• Who were the leading liberal Catholics of the 19th Century and how did they think?
• How does this thinking manifest itself in today’s liberal Catholics in the highest echelons of the Church?
• What are the six components of liberal Catholicism?
• How do these six components serve as a warning to practically every destructive novelty in the Church since Vatican II?
• How is today’s ecumenism a manifestation of liberal Catholicism?
• How is the present attempt to reject Limbo a manifestation of liberal Catholicism?
• How Does Liberal Catholicism disrupt the teaching on the Social Kingship of Christ?
• What did the great prophetic popes of the 19th Century say about liberal Catholicism?
• Why did Blessed Pope Pius IX call Liberal Catholics “the worst enemies of the Church”?
• How do the liberal reforms of Vatican II “prevent us from meriting the blessings of God”?


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