AQUINAS ALIVE – COMPLETE FIRST YEAR – Metaphysics and Philosophy of Human Nature -John Vennari

This was a series of homeschool classes given to my own high-school daughter, an uncomplicated introduction to Thomistic philosophy. It is meant to be an ‘easy listening’ intro that is not demanding; simply an introduction to the concepts, the structure, the principles of Thomistic philosophy, and it is fun! Includes Introduction to Thomism and Metaphysics and Philosophy of Human nature –

Complete first year: Includes:

Metaphysics: Basic Introduction to Philosophy • The Tools for Correct Thinking • What is true Education? • Act & Potency • Hylomorphism • The Four Causes • Essence & Existence • the Transcendentals • the Principle of Double Effect • a unique discussion of the 42 “Principles of Reason” on which Scholastic Philosophy is based. • Greek philosophy from Thales onward • “Sophism” both Ancient and Modern (using words for manipulation and power rather than vehicles of Truth) • Socrates, Plato and Aristotle • introduction to Aquinas’ Five Ways to Prove the Existing of God.

Philosophy of Human Nature: Covers topics such as: What is the Philosophy of Human Nature? •, From Rock to God: Order of Being • Man is an Operational Whole • The Mode of Operation of a Living Being (What is “Life”?) • Intellect and Will • Finality and Powers • Life of Death: True Ethics vs. “New” Ethics • The Powers of the Soul • Powers and Formal Objects • Distinction between the Image and the Concept • Three Views of Human Nature • The Immorality of the Soul • The Common Good (in contrast to Obama policies) • Are Animals Intelligent? • The Five External Sense and Four Internal Senses • Emotions, Appetites & Habits, more!.

This popular series is meant to familiarize the average listener with the language and the structure of Thomistic philosophy.


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