Evolution: Enemy of Education

If the purpose of education is the “making of a new man right up to the state of virtue.” as St. Thomas Aquinas defines it, the teaching of evolution is the opponent of true education.
The false science of evolution, for which there is no fossil evidence, is responsible for undermining the facts on God’s creation, Adam and Eve and Original Sin. And once the true God is jettisoned, so are His Ten Commandments, without which it is impossible to train the young in virtue. By evolution, modern man has lost belief in the true God.
Gives a quick tour of the fraudulent “monkey-men” touted as “evidence” for evolution. He also demonstrated the falsehood of an alleged “missing link” recently discovered, and challenged the belief that the earth is millions of years old. He showed how the entire modern world of communism, naturalism and secular humanism is based on evolution and could not survive without it. This is the reason why the theory of evolution is kept alive.
Mr. Vennari shows the falsehood of “Theistic Evolution”, the belief that a Catholic may accept evolution providing he accepts God as the creative force behind it all. According to the perennial teaching of the Catholic Church, particularly enshrined in the decision of the 1909 Biblical Commission and Pope Pius XII’s 1950 encyclical Humani Generis, “Theistic evolution” is not a realistic position for a Catholic. One of the reasons it is still taught in Catholic circles is that the Pontifical Academy of Sciences itself has its generous share of scientists who are both evolutionists and pro-population control. Mr. Vennari insisted “Theistic Evolution” is “the great neutralizer” that has prevented Catholics from fighting the destructive pseudo- science of evolution.


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