Not Kept: The “Campaign Promise” of Vatican II

These “campaign promises”, which were John XXIII’s assurance of tradition and orthodoxy quoted by Mr. Vennari, were a key factor in Catholics at the time having their guard down, and not suspecting the progressivist revolution that the Council would initiate. Also covers how Vatican II failed to take the proper means to arrive at the proper ends. The progressivist drafters of Vatican II deliberately rejected the precision of scholastic language, and instead employed an imprecise and ambiguous “pastoral language” that has been a source of error and confusion.
Mr. Vennari also demonstrated that the true Catholic doctrine of “The Kingdom of God (the Catholic Church) vs. the Kingdom of Satan”, and explains how the true doctrine is eclipsed by a new counterfeit system that threatens threatens the very identity of the Church, and actually changes how leadership in the Church is exercised. It leaves non-Catholics in great spiritual danger, as it tells them they are in acceptable position before God while remaining in their false religions. Closes with the reminder to keep the Faith “whole and inviolate” – the Catholic is in no way is bound to accept the destructive novelties contained in Vatican II. Rather, it is his duty to resist.


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