Pope Francis and the Company He Keeps

New lecture given in Italy, July 2015. We learn who and what a man is by learning who are his friends and what he loves. This jam-packed lecture spotlights Pope Francis’ favorite churchmen and initiatives: such as the radical Cardinal Carlos Martini of Milan (the first to say ‘who am I to judge?’; the little-known “St. Gallen Group” who want to restructure the Church along the lines of collegiality and synodality (giving national bishops’ conferences increasing autonomy from Rome); and his admiration for the eco-pagan ex-priest Leonardo Boff, the radical “Liberation Theologian,” whose ideas Francis tapped for his recent eco-encyclical (and who was effectively ‘enshrined’ in Francis’ Laudato Si). Pope Leo XIII taught we must look at the world as it really is, and this lecture, disturbing though it may be, looks at Pope Francis as he really is, in order to arm ourselves against the increasing “dangers threatening the Faith” from this radical Pontificate.


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