Prophecy and Miracles of Our Lady of Good Success

Prophecies for our time. This is the most comprehensive presentation on one of the most remarkable episodes of Church history. Our Lady of Good Success in Quito, Ecuador on the 16th Century prophesied the great crisis of faith in the Church and the world, and She did this in the 16th Century to the chosen soul, Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres. She predicted “heresy, blasphemy and impurity,” would be the great sins of the 20th Century, that innocents in children would no longer be found, the breakdown of customs and marriage, abuses in the Church would run rampant and at that great time of crisis, “he who is obliged to speak will fall silent.” She also pointed to the root cause of the crisis, that Church leaders, “will “extend their hands to the enemies of the Church to do what the latter want.” Also covers detail of the miraculous life of Mother Mariana herself, her persecution in the convent by the wayward sisters, and the story of the Miraculous Statue of Our Lady of Good Success. Also discusses the “prelate” in the Church who will stand against the tide of apostasy within the Church. All this and much more. Speech delivered August 6, 2016.


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