Simple Introduction to Natural Law
: More “Aquinas Alive” – an easy-listening introduction to Thomistic Ethics 
by John Vennari

“I’m a life-long Catholic. I was stunned at how much I did not know, and how important is this material. Thank you!” – DT, Philadelphia PA
Use for your high school students, or listen yourself!Thirteen classes

Thirteen Classes :

1) Natural Law Predates Christianity; 2) Witnesses to Natural Law; 3) Three Principal Inclinations; 4) Inclinations, Pleasure, Happiness; ; 5) Why Law?; 6) Nature Exacts Revenge; 7) Duties and Responsibilities; 8) Euthanasia: The Enemy Knows; 9) 1920s” The Right to Die becomes the Duty to Die; 10) The Plague of Involuntary Euthanasia; 11) Divorce Contra Natural Law; 12) Birth Control, Abortion, Racism; 13) Eternal Law, Natural Law, Human Law, Church Law


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