Teenagers and Teenage Culture

Centers on the modern phenomenon of “teenager”, and the fact that the modern “teenager” is an artificial construction. In fact, the first time the word “teenager” appeared was in 1941. It is not “natural” for girls and boys of this age group to be inherently rebellious and disrespectful of authority. The entire “teen culture” is the product of corporate America targeting teens for profit. Young people today, more than ever, are manipulated and corrupted by this corporate-created “teen culture”. The talk then discusses the sad fact that World Youth Day caters to this earthy, rock’n’roll construct rather than pull the adolescent out this immature, artificial world. Closes with positive recommendations on how to keep pop-culture out of the house and recommendations of good, lively music that is not rock or pop.“I have been studying social engineering for decades and I could not have done a better job. Congratulations”, said a European professor who heard this lecture.


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