The Malice of Revolutionary Men

Some revolutions are violent and bloody, others are crafty and subtle. Most of us have been victims of the quiet, subtle revolution in thinking and morals over the past 50 years that has completely transformed our nation and our world, and many of us did not even know our minds have been “worked on” by revolutionary men. Vennari quotes a former KGB agent who explained in 1984 that in the United States, the process of intellectual subversion at that point was complete. In 1984 the former Soviet agent said, “In America, you are stuck,” and went on to explain how these people with “demoralized minds” can no longer assess true information, “even if you show them that black is black and white is white”.
Vennari also documents the subversive elements that are central points in the modern education system, and how this deliberate dumbing -down and political-correctness in education has produced a generation of “Obama Zombies”. He closes with a call to study and adhere to the principles of Divine Law and natural law, which are much truer and deeper than the shallow solutions of “liberty” and “freedom” bandied about by too many so-called conservatives.


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