The Papal Apologies

The subject of Papal Apologies is still relevant. On January 17, 2010, when he visited the Roman Synagogue, Pope Benedict XVI praised John Paul II’s statement at the Western Wall in Israel, March 26, 2000: “God of our Fathers, you chose Abraham and his descendants to bring your Name to the nations: we are deeply saddened by the behavior of those who in the course of history have caused these children of yours to suffer, and asking your forgiveness we wish to commit ourselves to genuine brotherhood …” This presentation, then, is a treatment of the unprecedented “Great Apology” that took place on March 12, 2000. It shows that the apologies were the brainchild of progressivist theologians, and, most disturbing of all, according to official documents, will be the source of a “new teaching” for the future.. The talk also includes a special treatment of the “Apology for sins against the people of Israel” by contrasting this apology with the magnificent Catholic writings of the eminent Father Denis Fahey.


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