The Rise of Antichrists

Just as Our Lord had prophets, types and prefigures throughout the Old Testament that gave us an indication of what to expect the Messiah to be. Likewise, as Catholic scholars have taught, the Antichrist has his types and prefigures that help us to know what the “final” Antichrist will be. Discusses not only those men in history that were prefigures of Antichrist (Julian the Apostate, Mohammed, Martin Luther, etc.), but also points to modern prefigures of Antichrist. Following the line of Father Vincent Miceli, we treat the new, modernist post-Conciliar orientation as kind of ‘catalyst’ to Antichrist. Contains much fascinating information, including how to spot the modernist tactics of today’s ecumenists (laid out by a brilliant theologian in 1962), as well as the Masonic roots of today’s ecumenism. Deals with Antichrist himself as well!


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