Saint Francis of Assisi: The Man vs. the Myth (with a Special Mention of Pope Francis)

by John Vennari • Saint Francis of Assisi is one of the most misrepresented saints of our time. He is portrayed as a champion of ecumenism and interreligious dialogue; a proto-environmentalist; a kind of hippie peace-nik pushover. None of these portrayals are accurate. In an organized and entertaining manner, Mr. Vennari presents the fascinating true story of Saint Francis, the contemporary forces that shaped who he was, and how he was a great enemy of heresy in religion and slackness in religious life. Saint Francis and his Order represented the “Knighthood of the Cross,” with all the chivalry, adventure and heroic strength that goes the valiant Knight in service to his King. Newly-elected Pope Francis was also discussed at the end of this presentation and the question is posed: Is Pope Francis more in line with the true Saint Francis, or with the false, modern ecumenical Francis who never existed? Mr. Vennari also gave vital helpful key principles on how to accurately consider modern Popes: we must look at each one with our intellect (who he actually is) rather than with our will (who we would want him to be).


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