Theresa Neumann: Mystic and Stigmatist

by John Vennari • Teresa Neumann (1898-1962) is, along with Padre Pio, the most remarkable mystic of the 20th Century. She enjoyed the support of eminent Churchmen such as Archbishop Josef Teodorowicz, Cardinal Faulhaber of Germany; Bishop Rudolph Graber of Regensberg, and both Pope Pius XI and Pius XII who sent each sent her a blessing unsolicited. Mr. Vennari presented her life, describing her as one who accepted the most severe suffering with heroic resignation. Her mystical gifts are truly overwhelming: living for decades on nothing but the Blessed Sacrament; the bloody suffering of the Passion; her visions of the Passion and other episodes from the Gospel; her clairvoyance; her ability to distinguish a consecrated host from an unconsecrated host; her ability to discern the presence of a priest; and whether the priest is a good priest or a fallen one. The list of her mystical gifts goes on and on.The lecture also answers the claim of those who accuse her of fraud. Vennari notes she submitted to a full examination from the Church, of which the local bishop was fully satisfied, and those accusations against her stem from either ignorance or malice. Most important, Mr. Vennari explains that by these miraculous signs Our Lord gives to the Church, there is no excuse for unbelief. In the words of Archbishop Teodorowicz, through prodigies such as Teresa Neumann, “unbelief has been conquered.”


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